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Date: Sunday, 7th February 2010
Kickoff time: 14:
Against: Dalziel
Team: Hawks Under 15s
Location: Away
Competition: Cup-Shield-Bowl-Plate
Final score: 22 - 12 (won)

Bowl Game v Dalziel-Win 22-12

Hats off to you as I said earlier! What a fantastic display and even more so considering we only had 15 players...well done for not getting injured!!!
To a man you were all magnificent and I can see real potential in this squad-again to a man!
Ali Hogg-
Made some good runs and held the scrum together when ewe most needed it..he also lifted particularly well in the lineouts especially on opposition ball enabling us to win several against the head. Well done!
Euan Buyers-
Took several hooks against the head and worked very well in the loose. Uncharacteristically had an off day with throw ins, but overall made up for that in the loose. Well done!
Chris Westerduin-
Westy was all over the place, and with some very strong runs and some really strong work in the loose, has the makings of an awesome player. Fitted in well at the tail of the lineout and scrummaged really well after initial pressure. Well done!
Duncan Reece-
So glad you made it today, and some great work in the loose, great aggression, and with some work off the tail of the lineout you may find a new position in the back row. Well done!
Chris Ward-
You also did great work in the lineouts, but some of your bullocking runs, with aggression and determination were fantastic. Well played, and come to some of the sessions and you will learn so much more to help you get even better. Well Done!
William Mann-
You highlighted to me the need to show everyone, not just you, different positional requirements. That’s my fault not yours! Great game today with a great turn of speed and aggression in your runs. Well done.
Andrew MacLachlin-
What a strong player you are, stealing balls when you had no right to, and driving with power and strength. Just remember white line fever, and sometimes just have a look. Communication from others should be there as well. Well played!
Fergus Wallace-
Great takes against the head in the lineouts, and on our own ball. Good aggression in attack and a couple of good hand offs! Remember, only a try if you ground the ball over the line, dropping as you go over doesn’t count! Only joking, well played!
Great service, but we will have to work on protecting you a bit better both at scrum time and at the back of breakdowns! You got the ball out quickly and that is how we scored some of the tries. Well done!
Brian Stuart-
Great game from you today, you kept the ball moving out all the time and cleared our lines when required. We will work on stopping a hand off when we get a chance. Well done!
Ben Frame-
Your Dad and I were just agreeing how you’ve got it back..that hunger for the game, and aggression both in defence and attack..great game today, you helped set up several of the tries. Well done!
Gordon Hamilton-
A good captain leads from the front! That’s exactly what you did! Some of your runs were out of the top drawer, proving difficult to bring down with your twisting and turning...great pace as well to run from close to our own 22, to score the interception try. Well done!
Jack Sleight-
You also had a great game and could have had a couple of tries if other players had passed to you. You showed good handling skills as well, and good interplay with other players throughout. Well done!
Ross Kennedy-
Great runs and good hands, unfortunately you were the victim of some highish tackles, but your attitude is fantastic and you so nearly got away a couple of times. Your defence can never be questioned either. Well doe!
Callum Derrick-
Great pace, great defence, and great aggression with whatever aspect of the game you are involved in. Maybe could have passed a couple of times, however, you pace was enough to out flank the defence. Never be scared (as you are not) to use that pace and having the belief in your speed is half the battle. Well done!

Everyone, Well done! I can’t praise you all enough, it makes all the effort worthwhile. Let’s keep improving.

On that front, we had intimated a short tour at Easter time. The weekend would be the 10th /11th April 2010. Can you all confirm either available that weekend, or not. I am not sure that we will have enough for a whole team, but will wait until response come back. Our other option is to have a training weekend, and that probably doesn’t have to be that weekend, but idea would be to go away for a couple of nights, and work more on basics, and positional work, with a little fitness thrown in. It would be a great team building exercise, only problem is there would be no game against opposition.

Let me know your thoughts, but firstly if you would be available for a tour that weekend in April. I think it would be pointless to go on tour unless we have least 20 boys available. Rough cost circa £350/head?

Look forward to hearing from you



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